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Swissotel The Bosphorus, Istanbul  is a five-star luxury hotel right in the centre of Istanbul on the European banks of the Bosphorus. The digital transformation of different venues in Swissotel is done by Surveyhands Engineering.

The hotel offers 566 guest rooms and suites, featuring state-of-the-art technology and exclusive amenities. In addition to these areas, there are Fuji Ballroom used for weddings and meetings and various meeting rooms. You can examine the LOD200 level BIM model of the Fuji Ballroom, one of the most impressive areas of the hotel in this frame.

This data provides great convenience in terms of facilitating operational processes, showing different set-up installations for different organizations and digitizing area management.


Infrared scanning systems were mainly used in the projects prepared for Swissotel. By using these systems, we create point cloud that is more useful, easily accessible on the internet, and allows you to examine the entire area compared to traditional laser scanning systems.

You can examine the point cloud data of the Swissotel 5th Floor area, where we can provide information about the locations and names of different areas with annotations.

At the same time, this data can be used in different software such as Revit, Sketchup, AutoCAD and 2D drawings (as-built), BIM Model and orthographic photos of the area can be obtained.


Thanks to 3D Digital twin which is the most impressive data we create for hotel spaces, your customers can experience the entire area as if they were there, even if they do not have physical access to your hotel. In this project, you can visit the 5th floor of Swissotel as you wish.

With a digital twin, you can give different information to your customers as they walk the area. Thanks to the smart tags we place in the field, we offer photos, videos and pdf documents to your users. In addition, your customers can book the room they want by connecting to your website with the links we add to these smart tags. In this way, you can easily interact with them in a 3D environment.

One of the most important features of the data we produce is that anyone with internet access can easily access this data. In this way, you can make the space available to all your customers with smartphones, tablets, laptops and VR headsets.

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Surveyhands has put our infrastructure under spotlight with state-of-art technology. Without actually visiting our property, our guests and partners can digitally walk around the hotel without being physically in the property. They can also take measurements of the locations. That’s very efficient and time-saving. I recommend every operator who wants to showcase its property especially during pandemic period in which travel is bound with restrictions.

Ahmet Özkan

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