What is Matterport Virtual Tour

Matterport Virtual Tour

Increase return on investment, reduce costs and increase

staff productivity with Matterport 3D!

What is Matterport 3D Virtual Tour?

Matterport is a system that enables the creation of a 3D digital copy of indoor and outdoor spaces. 3D virtual tours are created in the cloud-based system by scanning from different points with an infrared scanner. Thanks to its cloud-based operation, it allows the user to use it without server load.

In addition, this system allows the creation of point cloud, mesh model, schematic floor plan and BIM model output, has a lot of use in the fields of Industry.

Management and Design of Industrial Areas

Matterport 3D virtual tour is the most efficient product for managing the maintenance of your existing industrial space and developing remodeling plans, measuring between objects, seeing their placement and reporting their condition.

In addition, strategic planning of infrastructure helps companies achieve business goals, reduce costs and increase staff productivity.

Equipment Management

Mattertags are pop-up windows on your 3D models that enhance the digital twin experience with additional information about features.

Mattertags, a wonderful solution to identify facility hotspots, help to retain management at the highest level by allowing notations, links, videos, photographs, 3D models, and documents to be put directly in the 3D model.

Thus, all the information about the location of certain machines can be obtained, as well as eliminating the hundreds of documents required to manage and track data.


Equipment Installation Optimization

The Matterport 3D model is a great product For measuring between objects,

The measuring function provides 99% accurate results, allowing you to save time and money by reducing equipment conflicts and order revisions caused by poor planning.

Strengthening and adjustments of the facility can be done out thanks to the 3D measurements that you will be able to make effectively thanks to the measurement feature.


Training and Emergency Planning

It allows you to save time and money by controlling the steps of placing the most recent equipment in terms of occupational health and safety or taking the appropriate safeguards based on the hazard class by managing the facilities over the 3D model.

With 3D models, new employees can quickly and easily grasp the mechanics of an office or facility, as well as be aware of particularly difficult-to-reach or possibly dangerous locations. Complex and high-hazard facilities must also have an emergency plan in place at all times. Schematic Floor Plans generated from the 3D model make creating entire schematic floor plans, preparing emergency routes, and reaction methods easier to prepare.

Getting stakeholders to work together

and creating efficiency in teamwork

Notes enables interaction with locations and objects as a real-time communication and file sharing tool directly within the Matterport digital twins, saving substantial time and considerably boosting collaboration, teamwork, efficiency, and productivity across various stakeholders.

Only the invited participants can access on the information and documents entered in the Note if the information to be discussed is private.

In addition, every employee in industrial areas can simply follow the procedures that are being carried out thanks to Note, saving time and allowing them to work more successfully.

Our Sample Projects Related to Industry Fields

As Surveyhands Engineering a 3D Virtual Tour was created in the Chemistry Factory. The corporation requested that we do this work with the primary goal of demonstrating the equipment’s capabilities to all of its domestic and international stakeholders, as well as to those who were unable to part in the operation due to security concerns. Videos, technical documentation, and explanatory texts on the operation of the facility’s machines are included in the model. Furthermore, allowing the Note function to be used in inner work ensured effective and time-saving work. The working environment, on the other hand, was aided by IOT, which allowed for real-time monitoring of instrument status.


Ship Modeling was used in another case study for Surveyhands Engineering. The project, for which we provided modeling services, was undertaken in order for the company to share its workspace with international stakeholders and to improve onboard management. The model’s interior is filled with technical documents about the equipment, 3D machine part models built by us using 3D modeling techniques, and equipment promotional writings. In the video, you can see the engine room of ship.

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