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What is 3d Modeling?

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical coordinate-based representation of any surface of an object (inanimate or living) in three dimensions via specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a simulated 3D space.” (*”3D Modeling”. Siemens Digital Industries Software.”) 

This process can be done using many techniques;

Designing from scratch to make a CAD model,

Using photogrammetry,

Using a 3D scanner;


Then the gathered data will be processed and edited for customers’ needs and it is good to go !

3D Model

Why do I need 3D Modeling Services ?

3D modeling is used in many fields and applications. From manufacturing to movies, 3D modeling provides a way to create, visualize, modify and optimize designs and brings efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly solutions for all kinds of industries.

Also, as technologies develop, our lifestyles are changing and improving as consumers. In the following years, many of the products will need to be digitalized in order to become interractable and visually available for the customers online.

Let’s give some examples;

In medical industry; doctors can have the designed model built specifically for their patients’ requirements. Reconstruction surgeries are currently using this technology as a road map.

In manufacturing industry; innovation is realized first on the 3D modeling. What kind of material, how it looks, what color and many more questions can be answered through this.

From a general point of view; restoration of old/obsolete industrial parts, historical pieces and arts, reverse engineering and many more can be achieved using 3D modeling.

From marketing stand point; you may reach your customers online via digitalized products and increase your conversion rates on your websites.

And obviously there may be a lot more applications.

What to do ? Where to start ?

Defining your needs is important. Depending on your needs, 3D modeling can become an expensive and complex endeavor.

Do you need just a CAD model ?

Does this model require texture ?

Should this model animate ?

Should this model be educational? Should an additional information be embedded inside the model ?

Once you decide, we get to work !

3D Model

Here is a 3D model of a specific part requested by  the customer; this model has been updated as per the request of the customer to meet their needs.

What to expect ?

Our company provides you with accurate and realistic digital 3D datas of your products within a given time frame.


3D datas can be modified, edited and redefined as per customers’ requests.


The datas are always kept secure. If the model is your own intellectual property, it will remain to be safe and you will be the sole owner if you decide to convert them to NFTs.

Digitalization and Metaverse

A new trend is upon us. Well, okay, maybe not so new, but the behaviours of the consumers are changing at a rapid pace.

Digital currencies, digital platforms, digital stores, digital places… these are becoming usual terms in our colloquial language.

Billions of dollars are poured into this industry every year and apparently it will keep getting bigger and bigger. It is not likely to go downhill anytime soon.

Will the humankind be interacting with eachothers using their digital twins (or avatars) in 10 years time ? If you think so, why not start with us ?

“Distinctive, high detailed, animated even.”

This concept is not brand new; entertainment industry has been using these technologies for many years. Hyperrealism is the pinnacle of this change. Perhaps once, hundreds of polygons would make us gasp with awe. Now, we are looking at models rendered with millions of polygons.


We are here for you.

Please call us for your realistic 3D model needs...