Hilton Garden Inn


İstanbul / Turkey


Hilton Garden Inn



Built Area

1.650 m2 (17760.45 sqf)





Hilton Garden Inn is an American chain of mid-priced, limited or focused service hotels owned by Hilton Worldwide.

We copied the hotel’s lobby and some rooms as well as the gym and indoor pool areas in 3D so that they can be shown digitally to the visitors.

You will see 3D virtual tour of the hotel area, where you can examine the magnificent environment of the hotel as if you were there. We have scanned in the hotel area more than 500 scan locations. You can walk inside the hotel as if you were there.

Project Gallery

Panoramic High Resolution Image

The video you will watch is a creative content video created by combining point cloud, 3d model, building sections, and panorama photos.

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