ECA Serel


İstanbul / Turkey


ECA Serel



Built Area

750 m2 (8072.93 sqf)





Founded in 1951 by Ekrem Elginkan, Elginkan Group is one of the most powerful Turkish industrial group with 14 manufacturing sites and 21 companies.

ECA SEREL’s sustainable living depends on natural resources. For 69 years, E.C.A. SEREL designs & produces products that minimize the consumption of non- renewable natural resources. It is a holistic state of mind in every single process that means quality, innovation and design should responsively serve for the people and the environment.

You can experience this magnificent store through the 3D digital twin. With the scan data taken from approximately 400 different points in the store, you can walk around as if you were there and see a lot of information about the products through smart tags.

At the same time, with your VR glasses, you can travel as if you are inside and experience the 3D store of the atmosphere in a more realistic way.

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