Bandirma Ship 3D Virtual Tour

3D Digital Twin of Bandirma Ship

3D digital twin is simply a digital copy of real life space. We created 3D virtual tour for historical Bandirma ship. We have scanned approximately 350 scan position and visitors can see this place 350 different location. 

There is 4 drone panorama in te tour. We have added some mattertags and you can see the details about the place when you click the interactive mattertags. There is a Menu and you can easily reach wherever you want to go inspace. 

You can easily visit 3D virtual tour with the menu option

You can see the area much better with the floor plan

You can examine all the details in the field with smart tags.

We can remove all the details you don’t want

You will see your space via air panorama


If you would like to see our virtual tour samples, please click below.

When you need proffessional 3D virtual tour...