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Laser Scanning

Lazer Tarama

Laser Scanning


Section View of The Point Cloud


Point Cloud

We provide laser scanning services for various disciplines to be used in all projects and documentation work that require high accuracy, 3D location information with coordinates and detailed computation.

Today, laser scanning computational services can fulfill the measurement and documentation needs of many disciplines. With the valorization of the final product more reliably and in accordance with the results of the project, it becomes possible to acquire richer and more sensitive data content with more economical budgets in shorter periods of time.

Industries Using Laser Scanning

  • Architectural restoration
  • Industrial space measurements
  • Construction site volume-cubage measurements
  • Archeological dig site documentation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Ship surface deformation calculations

Products Obtained

  • 3D point cloud with coordinates
  • Sectional views of the measurement space
  • Area and volume calculations
  • Relief from point clouds
  • 3D models from point clouds
  • Orthoimages from point clouds


Fotogrametrik Halihazır

Drone Mapping


3D Modelling

Halihazir Gorunumu

Photogrammetric As-Built

We provide photogrammetric surveying and mapping service with unmanned aerial vehicles with RTK/GPS system by using various measurement methods from predetermined heights and by sticking to the needs of the industry and the project.

Photogrammetric surveying methods are one of the methods that we use to reach fast and accurate results in large spaces with lower costs when compared to classical measurement methods.

Sites of Application

  • Construction and Mining Sites
  • Archeological dig sites
  • Solar power plant areas
  • Dumping Areas
  • Marsh Areas
  • Natural disaster sites
  • Urban transformation areas
  • Unlicensed construction detection
  • Historical heritage sites

Products Obtained

  • Orthophotos
  • 3D point clouds with coordinates
  • Digital elevation model (DEM)
  • Photogrammetric as-built
  • 3D Model

Airborn Lidar

Hava Lidar

Airborn Lidar

DEM (digital elevation model)

DEM (Dijital Elevation Model)

DSM (Digital Surface Model)

DSM (Dijital Surface Model)

Airborne lidar is the ideal method to get fast, reliable and accurate results in accordance with the needs of the project for the most precise dimensioning of especially the topography of the underground in forests and in dense woodlands.

With the airborne lidar equipment mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles, this is the most economical method to obtain accurate data rapidly in areas where penetration is impossible because of dense woodlands and/or where the topography is not appropriate for geodesic measurement.

Sites of Application

  • Measurement of underground topography in forest
  • DEM (Digital elevation model) production
  • DSM (Digital surface model) production
  • Construction areas (sensitive volume-cubage measurement)
  • Power transport lines clearance analyses
  • Transportation (in highway and railway corridor mapping works)
  • Municipal work (flood disaster analyses, plannable 3D city maps)

Products Obtained

  • Digital elevation model (DEM)
  • Digital surface model (DSM)
  • Point cloud with coordinates
  • Orthophoto (Scaled photograph)
  • 3D Model
  • As-built maps
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