We produce accurate and sensitive data for many different industries, such as Mining, Construction, Energy, Agriculture and Archeology, according to the specific needs of each discipline, with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Airborn Lidar

We carry out airborne lidar measurements in accordance with the specific needs of various industries that need airborne lidar such as Construction, Mining and Energy.

Laser Scanning

With terrestrial laser scanning we produce solutions for industries that require 3D, sensitive and high-resolution data, such as architecture, archeology, construction, shipbuilding and reverse engineering.

3D Modelling

Scanning of small-sized objects and articles with hand scanners and their modelling with desired detailed resolution.

3D Realistic Capturing

With 3D realistic capture, we enable industry professionals to present their space accurately and provide a virtual reality tour for their customers.

Scan to BIM

Generation of accurate and fast data for BIM projects and the integration of these data to the BIM model.

In Your Photogrammetric As Built ProjectFast, Accurate and High-Quality Results

About Us

We have set off to produce fast and accurate 3D solutions for different disciplines by using our knowledge and experience on laser scanning and surveying with drone imagery since 2006 until today.

With our experience over 10 years acquired by many small and large-scale terrestrial and airborne lidar activities conducted in our country, we want to produce rational solutions to industrial professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We produce solutions suitable to projects by using different measurement methods for Construction, Mining, Architecture, Archeology, Energy, Agriculture, Shipbuilding and Surveying industries.

We have expertise in laser scanning, airborne lidar, drone photogrammetry, object-based laser scanning, 3D digital twin production of the space and 3D data production.

We provide benefits for the groups we work with by sticking to the measurement sensitivity specific to each industry, and by reducing the time and costs and generating high-quality data at required standards.


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